New World Makati Hotel’s Jasmine Restaurant Unveils Enticing New A La Carte Specialties & Chinese Cocktails

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New World Makati Hotel Jasmine Restaurant Unveils Enticing New A La Carte Specialties and Chinese Cocktails

MANILA, Philippines (August 12, 2023) -- New World Makati Hotel’s Jasmine restaurant highlights its latest culinary additions comprising an array of enticing appetizers, dim sum, entrees, and desserts to further delight patrons of its beloved signature dishes. It likewise introduces four refreshing Chinese cocktails to pair with the range of savoury items, transitioning the experience from daytime dining to afternoon and evening gatherings.

A la Carte Additions

Among the new selection of items are appetizers such as Fried soft-shell crab with salt, pepper, and cilantro, Deep-fried stuffed crab claw, Soft shell crab with mango salsa and sweet chili in bao bun, and Truffle duck dumpling. Entrees consist of Crispy shrimp ball with cheese, Fried prawn ‘Peking style’, Scallop with broccoli and XO sauce, Wok-fried beef tenderloin, black pepper, and taro cream in clay pot, Sichuan’ style poached beef tenderloin with Chinese cabbage and bok choy, Deep-fried spareribs with “Chang Kong” vinegar sauce, Sliced chicken in black pepper sauce, Taiwanese-style chicken in claypot, Crispy stuffed eggplant in sweet spicy sauce, and Deep-fried crispy golden shiitake and enoki mushrooms. For the rice and noodle dishes, there is Seafood rice pop in clay pot, Seafood fried rice with conpoy, egg white, and pine nuts, and E-fu noodle with ‘Ma Po’ tofu and seafood. The latest dessert additions are the Mango pudding as well as the Chinese egg tart.

Chinese Cocktails

For those who fancy sipping on tipple while indulging in the savory flavors of Jasmine’s specialties, four concoctions have been created, consisting of Jasmine Bloom (Christian Drouin gin, Mancino Bianco vermouth, jasmine tea, lime juice, egg white and honey), Ying Yang (Martin Miller’s gin, elderflower cordial, chili, egg white, lemon juice and rose buds tea syrup), Lapsang Cooler (Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, black tea, basil, ginger, lemon juice and sugar syrup), and Xiāng Máo Drop (Boutique-y rum sign blend rum, lemongrass, fresh mint, lime juice and tieguanyin tea syrup).

For reservations, guests can book online via, call +63288116888 ext. 3679, e-mail, or Viber / Whatsapp via +639178884194. More news and promos are available on the hotel’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as on the website

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