Emblems Collection Announces a Stunning New Flagship Hotel at Hangzhou West Lake

Emblems Collection Announces a Stunning New Flagship Hotel at Hangzhou West LakeNEWS > CHINA > ACCOR > EMBLEMS

The New Addition to the Emblems Collection Will Be a Tranquil and Artistic Retreat at the Heart of a Unesco World Heritage Site

Emblems Collection Announces a Stunning New Flagship Hotel at Hangzhou West Lake

HANGZHOU, China (December 28, 2022) -- Accor continues to reinforce its leadership position in the luxury hospitality sector with the announcement of a new flagship destination for its latest luxury brand, Emblems Collection. Accor and Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group are partnering to create a new Emblems Collection hotel at the West Lake of Hangzhou, a UNESCO-designated world heritage site beloved by Chinese and international travelers.

The 126-room luxury resort will express an artistic spirit, surrounded by the rare and spectacular beauty of mountains meeting water. Expected to open in 2024, the newest Emblems Collection hotel will be a captivating place where guests will be graciously welcomed into the tranquil setting of West Lake, Hangzhou and its ever-changing seasons, while discovering intriguing facets of art and local culture embedded in every corner of the hotel.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group to bring our shared vision to life. The new Emblems Collection hotel in Hangzhou will be an idyllic retreat like none other – a slice of Heaven on Earth in the heart of a world heritage site,” said Gary Rosen, CEO, Accor Greater China. ”The bespoke approach of the Emblems Collection brand allows the destination and history of each of its properties to shine, giving us the opportunity to create a distinctive luxury experience in West Lake that is transformative, soulful, and will fully connect our guests to the ancient wonders and timeless beauty of this special part of the world.”

Guests of the Emblems Collection hotel in Hangzhou will experience the deep sense of well-being that comes from communing with nature, with the certainty that the hotel is making earth-friendly and environmentally sustainable choices in all its actions and services. Steeped in nature and embraced by green mountains, the site of the hotel is perfectly suited to the signature Jiangnan vacation experience, for which Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group is known. Once refurbished, the luxury retreat will be surrounded by a paradise of flowers, fish, and lotus leaves – where guests can feel free to wander, rest, and enjoy the freshest, best quality air in the region.

Each hotel in the Emblems Collection is intended to be uniquely ‘emblematic’ of its destination, history, or design. The Emblems Collection hotel in Hangzhou, will be richly infused with the spirit and heritage of the West Lake area. The artistic and tranquil water garden weaving through the grounds of the hotel will be a focal point of the resort, guiding guests through the property on a serene path, enriched with the sound of water and scents of wildflowers. Inside, the hotel will reflect its natural environment with soft lighting and textures. The resort will be designed by ACRC, The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University; with landscaping by the Human Landscape Research Institute, China Academy of Art; and interior design by the award-winning Cheng Chung Design.

The new Emblems Collection hotel will reside at No. 1 Yang Gong Di in the core of the West Lake scenic area, ideally located for guests to visit the Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond (one of the famous Ten Scenes in West Lake). The resort is also a mere 20-minute drive to several tourist attractions such as Broken Bridge, Dragon Well (Long Jing), Meijiawu, and Xixi National Wetland Park. The resort is 35 km from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport, while Hangzhou city center is 10 minutes away, and Shanghai is only an hour away by bullet train. Hangzhou is rapidly evolving as a center of business, and high-tech, as well as high-profile events such as the G20 and the Asian Games. Alibaba Group, ByteDance, Hikvision, Huawei, and ArcSoft have all established a presence in Hangzhou, making internet technology one of the city’s biggest areas of growth.

Emblems Collection is expected to grow to 60 properties globally by 2030. The brand’s first signing was the magnificent Guiyang Art Centre Hotel, Emblems Collection in Guizhou province.

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