Relive the Family Dim Sum Eating Tradition at Four Points Pakuwon Indah Surabaya

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SURABAYA, Indonesia (September 29, 2022) -- Weekends are indeed the right time to gather with family, whilst also exploring culinary delights together. One culinary dish that is suitable to be enjoyed in groups is Dim Sum. Especially in a city where the Chinese culture is quite thick like Surabaya, eating Dim Sum has become tradition and habit for the people, without having to be in any special occasions.

Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon Indah presents two dedicated days to explore many kinds of Dim Sum, which is every Saturday and Sunday. This coincides with Djaman Doeloe Resto & Bar which recently changed its concept to authentic Peranakan, which is a mixture of Indonesian, Malay, Singaporean and Chinese. However, does Dim Sum really come from China?

Looking back onto the history of Dim Sum itself, it was originally a light bite for Hong Kong residents, most of whom are Cantonese. Because of this, the Cantonese are called the Dim Sum makers. Since then, Dim Sum became a favorite snack to many and it spread quickly to the surrounding areas, including China, and finally to the rest of the world today.

In order to provide this authentic experience, Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon Indah brought a Dim Sum chef from Hong Kong, Chef Ah Djiek, to join the Four Points Culinary Team, presenting a line of Dim Sum with the authentic recipes from his hometown. The Dim Sum menu choices that are presented consist of dozens of favorite menus and unique creations from the Four Points Culinary Team.

"There are two types of Dim Sum that we present, steamed and fried. If you prefer the hot and soft type of Dim Sum, then steamed Dim Sum is the right choice. There are Hakau, Bai Kut Tausi, Lo Makai, Steam Bean Curd, Custard Pau Bun, Prawn Siomay, Chicken Feet, Black Sesame Pau Bun and many more. Meanwhile, if you like crispier Dim Sum, there is also fried Dim Sum, which consists of Fried Prawn Wonton, Fried Prawn Bean Curd, Ham Sui Kok, Black Onde-onde, Guo Tie and Xo Lobak Ko," explained Chef Ah Djiek, DimSum Chef of Djaman Doeloe Resto & Bar.

At the 'Weekend All You Can Eat Dimsum Brunch', there are also abundant of menu options other than Dim Sum that can be enjoyed. Some of the top-liked menu highlights such as Roasted Peking Duck, Chicken Canton, Wonton Soup and Crispy Pork Belly are served freshly in live cooking. There are still a number of Peranakan menus, such as Chinese Congee, Nasi Kandar, Hongkong Fried Noodle, Fu Yung Hai, Yong Cow Fried Rice and many more.

"By presenting 'Weekend Brunch with All You Can Eat Dimsum' and Peranakan menu, we want to provide a place for families in Surabaya to relive that tradition of gather and eat together on the weekend. Whether to celebrating certain events such as birthdays, or just celebrating togetherness. That kind of warmth is what we hope our guests can feel at Djaman Doeloe Resto & Bar," concluded Chef Ah Djiek.

The 'Weekend All You Can Eat Dimsum Brunch' can be enjoyed at only Rp 428,000++ with the Buy 1 Get 1 promo. Guests who are interested in trying it can make a reservation at (031) 99150000 / 0813-3454-6298 (Whatsapp) or Instagram @fourpointssurabayapakuwon.

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