Okada Manila Reopens Enbu


MANILA, Philippines (June 3, 2022) -- There’s more to love at Enbu as the restaurant reopens with a new menu set to excite the palate. The restaurant is firing up its kitchen grill anew to serve Japanese food enthusiasts and loyal patrons a bevy of new dishes to delight in.

Fresh Menu and Dining Spectacle

Enbu offers a full range of classic Japanese dishes perfect for sake and wine pairings. The entire dining experience is elevated with the visual spectacle of live cooking complemented with a beautiful dining setting accentuated with 2,160 red chochin lanterns suspended from the ceiling, reminiscent of festivals and picturesque streets in Japan.

The new menu offerings combine all-time favorites and much-loved Japanese staples. There are more appetizers to enjoy including light and refreshing salads such as the calamari salad, cheese tempura, and an assortment of sushi (maguro, salmon, white fish and fish of the day), sashimi (maguro, salmon, moriawase, etc) and maki (spicy tuna roll, kani salad roll, tempura maki, dragon roll, etc).

Savor delicious kushiyaki plates (skewered grilled meat and vegetables) such as the Chef’s Recommendation, a sample plate comprising of beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetable. If you want to spice things up, try the Kushi Yaki with a choice of salted or sweet soy sauce of buta (pork) liver, torikawa (chicken skin), uzura bacon, butabara (pork belly), shiromotsu (pork intestines), various mushrooms and more, as well as Kushi Yaki with special sauce.

Ramen is also now part of the menu. Enjoy piping-hot bowls of shoga-shoyu ramen, miso ramen or stamina ramen, all of which have fresh noodles and premium ingredients.

At the helm of Enbu’s kitchen is its new dynamic chef, Chef Yuji Abe who hails from the scenic Saitama City, Japan and whose passion and culinary expertise have opened doors for him to work overseas. He brings with him a 28-year wealth of experience specializing in Japanese cuisine. Diners can also watch Chef Abe and his team showcase their cooking skills including the slow grilling of the finest meats and local produce over charcoal, resulting to beautifully charred and full-flavored dishes with smoky aromas.

Enbu is located at the ground floor of the Crystal Corridor in the Coral Wing. The restaurant is open daily (except Tuesdays) from 11 am to 11 pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +632 8555 5799 or send an email to restaurantreservation@okadamanila.com

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